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Stockbridge Church Is Open

The impact of the global pandemic Coronavirus forced us to close our church buildings and stop many of our usual activities but the vital work of the Church continued in our worship online and in the contacts and support offered. 

We restarted meeting together in church for Sunday morning services on April 25th. Numbers are limited by physical distancing, masks need to be worn by people present and we aren't be able to sing or have coffee - but we are coming together. Register now to ensure your place in Sunday's service. And you can download this week's order of service here.

You can still follow the service in your own home every Sunday at 11am on Facebook and Zoom. And we continue to have coffee afterwards on Zoom.

Send an email to minister@stockbridgechurch.org.uk for the details.

You can also enjoy a short reflective exercise based on each Sunday's service while out for your daily walk, either by yourself or with someone else (in keeping with current guidelines). Just click on this link for 'Shared Steps'.

 Watch the Sunday Service

 Watch the Midweek Service






These are challenging times for all of us in many different ways. For some, amongst other challenges, there will be financial difficulties and pressures. Our Church is also affected by this so please do continue to give as you are able. We don't have a weekly collection to support the work so please do consider giving electronically, or setting up a regular payment.   You can make a donation to Stockbridge Church by following this link, which will take you to the main Church of Scotland website.  Thank you for supporting us in the time of unprecedented crisis.  

To ask us any questions for more details email: minister@stockbridgechurch.org.uk or call our office on 0131 332 0122.  Please let us know of any special items for prayer, and get in touch with the minister or an elder for pastoral help.

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Easter 2021

Together with other local congregations we offered a range of events for your journey towards Easter Sunday. You can catch up on these events below.

From Monday March 29th to Saturday April 3rd there was evening worship at 7pm, with a celebration of the Lord's Supper together on Thursday 1st April.

The Services were available on Zoom each night and premiered on YouTube, and are still available at the live links below.

The Week that changed the World

Monday (29 March): The Foxlike King - Luke 23:6-12 - Rev George Vidits
Tuesday (30 March): The Man from the Country - Luke 23:26 – Rev Keith Graham
Wednesday (31 March): The Daughters of Jerusalem - Luke 23:27:31 - Audrey Cisco
Thursday (1 April): The Two Criminals - Luke 23:32, 39-43 - Rev Dr John Cowie
Good Friday (2 April): The Father - Luke 23:44-49 - Very Rev Colin Sinclair
Saturday (3 April): The Good Man - Luke 23:50-56 – Cat Rawlinson-Watkins


Virtual Good Friday Prayer Walk

In place of our annual Good Friday walk through Stockbridge with the other congregations of Comley Bank Churches Together we had a virtual Prayer Walk on Friday 2nd April at 11am on Zoom. You can still download the booklet for the walk from here.

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