All of our activities have moved online and into the homes and workplaces of our members. 

Follow the latest worship service anytime in your home every Sunday at 11am and Wednesday at 1pm. The links below are updated each week to the latest service.

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The impact of the global pandemic Coronavirus has forced us to close our church buildings and stop many of our usual activities, but the vital work of the Church goes on and is needed now, more than ever. You can make a donation to Stockbridge Church by following this link (which will take you to the main Church of Scotland website). Thank you for supporting us in the time of unprecedented crisis.

People ask "What can I do to love my neighbour?" Here are some suggestions.

  1. Keep to the guidelines about socialising and while travelling.

  2. Recite the Lord’s Prayer while washing your hands thoroughly (more than 20 seconds).

  3. Don't avoid people but keep a healthy physical distance if they are not in your household.

  4. Shop for a neighbour.

  5. Call a friend or family member to encourage them.

  6. Pray for the homeless. And make a donation to FreshStart or Shelter.

  7. Give money to someone affected financially.

  8. Donate to EMMS, Christian Aid or our Malawi Project to help distant neighbours.

  9. Donate to our church so that mission and worship can continue.

We post regular news here and on Facebook, with services for everyone to share each Sunday morning and Wednesday lunchtime plus a study on Wednesday from 7-8pm to chat. Please let us know of any special items for prayer, and get in touch with the minister or an elder for pastoral help.

 You are invited to come for coffee after the Sunday service on Zoom (from 11:30am). Send an email to minister@stockbridgechurch.org.uk for the details. 

For all past Worship services including the Easter and Good Friday Services click here.

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