Easter Worship

  • Wednesday 17th April:

    The Labyrinth, set up in the church, is available for you to follow a pilgrimage trail and celebrate all the events of Easter Week.
  • Maundy Thursday 18th April:

    Bring and Share Banquet – a community meal together in the church. Everyone Welcome. 

  • Good Friday 19th April:

    The Walk with the Cross starts at here at the church at 11:30am, where we are joined by members of the other church communities in Stockbridge.
    1:30 – 3pm
    We then stay together for a Good Friday Vigil at St Ninian’s, 40 Comely Bank, from 1:30 to 3pm. Leaders from the congregations take part and share thoughts about the events of Good Friday. 
    The Easter Passion: 7:30-8:30pm: The Passion story from John’s Gospel,  with music. 

  • Easter Day 21st April:
    9-9:30am Family Early Celebration in the Botanical Gardens (North Gate) followed by breakfast in the church hall. Donations at the breakfast will go to Mary’s Meals, an organisation set up to provide a daily meal for children in the world’s poorest communities. 
    11am-noon Easter Family Worship, with a celebration of the Lord’s Supper.