The Fringe in Stockbridge

Venue Number 317: Stockbridge Church

Stockbridge Church has been actively involved since 2014. We are Venue Number 317 and accomodate a diverse range of artists in our church during the Fringe period.  All our performances offer a ticket of no cost to a deaf or disabled person who would not be able to attend without a personal assistant.  

Our 2018 Fringe round up:

"Twenty one amazing shows are coming to Stockbridge Church this August brought by both local artists and international collectives, offering a total of 53 performances, during the 3 week Fringe Festival in August. Recitals for Wrigglers and Bessy Bass are coming back this year with their popular shows 'Around the World with Bessy, Wriggle around the World and King Arthur. Fringe new-comers Bambino Beats introduce a fun Summertime Boogie for kids with dancing and singalong. The students of Beijing schools are coming back with 8 different performances to showcase the talented musicians of China's capital. World renowned guitarist Ayman Jarjor comes back with a brand new performance featuring Waseem Katoub, together they explore the theme of immigration. John Montgomery and his Edinburgh/Fife based string band will perform original folk and rock songs with a touch of original folk and rock songs with a touch of country from their new album Falkland Hill.”

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Fringe 2017 in Stockbridge Church

Fringe 2016 in Stockbridge Church

Fringe 2015 in Stockbridge Church


The Fringe Society

"The founding principle at the heart of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe - to be an open access arts event that accommodates anyone with a story to tell and a venue willing to host them – still regulates the work of the Society today."

The Fringe Society exists to:

  • Support, advise and encourage everyone who wants to participate in the Fringe.
  • Provide information and assistance to help audiences curate their own Fringe experience.
  • Promote the Fringe and what it stands for all over the world.
  • Ensure the Fringe Society is sustainable, utilising its resource to the greatest benefit of the Fringe and its constituents.

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Putting on a show

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