Published by John Cowie on Tue, 16 Mar 2021 19:47

An exciting new collaboration between Stockbridge and neighbouring congregations has begun. Stockbridge Church, Murrayfield Parish Church, Palmerston Place Church, and St Stephen's Comely Bank will work together to produce a shared series of online services which will appear at 7pm each evening from Monday March 29th to Saturday April 3rd. 

With the general title 'The Week that changed the World'  the themes and preachers for the evenings will be:

Monday, 29 March: The Foxlike King - Luke 23:6-12 - George Vidits (SSCB) Tuesday 30 March: The Man from the Country - Luke 23:26 – Keith Graham (Murrayfield) Wednesday (31 March): The Daughters of Jerusalem - Luke 23:27:31 - Audrey Cisco (PP) Thursday (1 April): The Two Criminals - Luke 23:32, 39-43 - John Cowie (Stockbridge) Good Friday (2 April): The Father - Luke 23:44-49 - Colin Sinclair (PP) Saturday (3 April): The Good Man - Luke 23:50-56 – Cat Rawlinson-Watkins (SSCB)

These will go live at 7pm each evening and be available through the Stockbridge Church website, as well as on Facebook. We hope you will join us.

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