Published on Tue, 2 Mar 2021 16:11

Stockbridge Church Defibrillator

Every year in Scotland around 3,500 people go into cardiac arrest and starting CPR as soon as possible, using a defibrillator where one is available, gives the person the best chance of survival. Using a grant from the Church of Scotland we have installed a defibrillator on the outside of the Church building. It is now available 24/7 to everyone in the local community. 

What is a defibrillator? When a person goes into cardiac arrest, their heart stops beating normally as the electrical activity in their heart becomes uncoordinated . A defibrillator sends out an electrical shock, to stop the electricity with the aim to get it to restart in a normal rhythm. 

What should I do if I see someone who is unconscious and not breathing normally? You must first call 999 to arrange for help. As well as guiding you through CPR, the call operator will be able to advise you that there is a defibrillator nearby. They will ask you to stay with the patient and continue CPR and ask someone to bring you the defibrillator. 

Can anyone use one? Yes. Defibrillators give the person using them clear audio instructions. You cannot hurt someone with a defibrillator because it won’t work unless a person is in cardiac arrest. 

The fully automated defibrillator is locked inside a cabinet at the side of Stockbridge Church. The 999 Call handler will give you the code to unlock it.

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