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Christmas Day with Bethany Trust

Christmas Day with Bethany Trust
Published by John Cowie on Fri, 18 Dec 2020 15:02
Letter from the Minister
Bethany Trust are in need of volunteers to help on Christmas Day at the Welcome Centre.
They sent out the following message this week:
 We are looking for volunteers to:
 · Collect food, church keys and insulated boxes from the Haymarket Hub Hotel · Cook Christmas dinner at Central Church
 · Transport food back to the Welcome Centre at the Haymarket Hub Hotel
 · Serve food and wash up
 Food has been donated so volunteers do not need to provide anything other than their time. Food is served from 8.30pm and we will have access to the church to cook late afternoon.
Volunteers cooking will be put in contact with one another to organise what time they think they will need to start cooking and we will provide a list of all the ingredients we have been provided.
If you can help with these roles, or even one aspect please let us know ASAP. We really need help and will greatly appreciate it!
 If you can’t help but no someone who may be able to please share this with them.
 Kind regards
The Welcome Centre team welcomecentre@bethanychristiantrust.com Welcome Centre Bethany Christian Trust 65 Bonnington Road Edinburgh EH6 5JQ