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Every Girl Matters

Every Girl Matters
Published by John Cowie on Fri, 18 Dec 2020 14:49
Congregational News

Every girl matters. Every girl deserves the opportunity of education and the chance to pursue her own ambitions. But not every girl has that chance. Sunita, in Nepal, didn’t have that opportunity. She had to stay home and care for her sick father. Her mother lives with long term disability. Out of reach of limited health services she became their full-time carer. 

Sunita bore these huge responsibilities alone until she learned of the palliative care team at Green Pastures Hospital, EMMS International’s local partner. Nurse Manju and her team came alongside Sunita and lifted the burden of care from her young shoulders. Her mother and father are now both supported by the hospital and getting the specialist care they need.

EMMSInternational - who also support the work at Mulanje Mission Hospital in Malawi - have launched an appeal to build and support a Palliative care education centre n Nepal. Every pound raised is matched by the UK Government - so our gifts are doubled. Look at the EMMSInternational website for information, or send a gift to the Church Treasurer, care of the church and cheques payable to Stockbridge Church, and include a covering note to indication that you want this donation to go to the Every Girl Matters Appeal.