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We Will Remember Them

We Will Remember Them
Published on Thu, 5 Nov 2020 17:24
Congregational News

Remembrance Sunday 2020 is going to be unlike any Remembrance Sundays that have gone before it. There will be no gathering in the church, or standing in silence together at 11 in solidarity with millions of others around the country. 

However we will still take time to remember those who have suffered in conflict and war, but online this time on Facebook and YouTube. 

Ian Irvin, an elder who has served in the Navy will bring our Remembrance this year and lay a wreath in the church as usual. 

Gill Andrew, trumpeter and member of the Stockbridge and New Town Community Orchestra, will play the Last Post and Reveille.

Matthew McPherson, law student and member of the Royal Naval Reserve, offers our worship music. 

Join us at 10:45 on Sunday 8th November on Facebook or YouTube, or catchup later.