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Care you can put your faith in

Care you can put your faith in
Published by John Cowie on Wed, 8 Jul 2020 18:23
Congregational News

A message from CrossReach, the Church of Scotland Social Care Council.

When the CrossReach Covid-19 Emergency Appeal first went out in March people rose to the challenge. So far £270,000 has been raised by the Appeal. Thank you!

In addition to the thousands of items of PPE provided for CrossReach staff working in residential and community settings, other Covid-19 related costs have been covered. These include additional staffing needed to continue delivering care, and helping keep residents of our care homes connected with their loved ones by investing in digital technology, which has provided comfort to so many of them over this time.

Over the past weeks we have rightly applauded the NHS, essential workers and Care Workers. CrossReach also wants to applaud financial and prayerful supporters without whom our Care Workers couldn’t have achieved what they have.

Viv Dickenson, CEO of CrossReach, says “Thanks to the generosity of every one of our amazing supporters, we have been able to provide the equipment and resources so badly needed during this emergency. While the challenges we face continue, knowing we have such wonderful, faithful, supporters partnering with us strengthens our resolve. Thank you to all of you for donating, praying, volunteering and generally getting alongside us in so many ways.”

We can continue to support CrossReach financially and in our prayers.