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Sailing down the river

Sailing down the river
Published by John Cowie on Tue, 11 Sep 2018 14:11
News: Celebrating Age Project

On a rather chilly afternoon we gathered at the Union Canal basin waiting to board the Lochrin Belle for our much anticipated sail along the canal. 

We were welcomed aboard by the crew and as we set off we were given a short history of the canal. We were in luck as the sun soon began to shine and we were able to sit at the bow and wave to those walking along the canal. 

A very tasty afternoon tea was provided and we all tucked in. There was plenty of wild life and we admired the ducks and cygnets as we gently sailed 13 past. The hawthorn trees were particularly beautiful as they were in full bloom. The barge performed a very neat turn and soon we were on our return journey. 

Many of us took this opportunity to sit in the sun and just relax. We expressed our thanks to the crew for a very pleasant afternoon and to Violet who organised the outing. FMcN