Malawi Mornings

Malawi Mornings
Published by John Cowie on Tue, 11 Sep 2018 13:59
News: Malawi Mornings

The photo above was taken in the church on 25th May, which was a very exciting Friday. We had a surprise visit from two ministers from Malawi, from the area near Mulanje Mission Hospital, and we were also celebrating Helen Rhodes' 90th birthday. Helen is pictured in the foreground, sitting on the" Birthday Throne". 

On Friday 8th June we were joined by Dorothy's daughter Sally, visiting from Zimbabwe. We all love Sally and wish she lived a bit closer. 

We've moved about a bit recently, holding the "Malawi Morning" on occasion down at Number 7 or in the church office. However during the summer we will be able to continue in the church as usual except for Friday 17th August. 

The Festival Fringe bookings for the other Fridays will be using the Young Room. Taking the bottle-tops to Eagle Lodge has an additional reason now, because Louise, who came so regularly on a Friday, is now a resident in Eagle Lodge. I visit her on the third Wednesday of the month, which is the day I take your donations to the Fresh Start in Drylaw and work there for the morning. 

Keep coming on a Friday - you never know what will be happening. Keep bringing the bottle-tops and your Fresh Start donations.